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Институт Генплана Москвы

State Unitary Enterprise “Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan” is specialized in general territory planning for more than 60 years. During these years the Institute has made notable contributions to the urban development of Moscow city, Moscow Region and other cities of the Russian Federation. Today our Institute has many highly qualified specialists, who are simultaneously carrying out multiple projects. The experience of international cooperation allows us to keep the leadership in the urban planning. 

Each member of our team is a master of his craft. Their longstanding and rigorous work turns out their knowledge into the modern city. The development of Moscow City is an important and urgent project. Out Institute is now confronting the problems of correction of the existing “General plan” and elaborating a new type of urban planning document — the Moscow city “Master plan”.

Our team

Th e uniqueness of the team of the Institute of Moscow City Master Plan is not only that it includes very competent specialists who are able to resolve any problem in the fi eld of town-planning, every twentieth of them having the academic degree, but also that the result of their activity is a high intellectual product created, as a fruit of synergy of designers, economists, mathematicians, engineers, ecologists, historians, experts in the fi eld of designing of transport facilities. Th eir joint activity and technique of multifactor analysis allows ensuring high reliability and effi ciency of projects, as well as the safety of their implementation for existing buildings of the city.

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