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Oleg Baevskiy

Deputy Director on Urban Planning

Deputy director, head of scientific and project consolidation of territorial planning, town-planning zoning and development of planning structure of the city.

Honored architect of the Russian Federation, honored worker of the Moscow City Architecture Committee, honourable builder of Moscow, full member of the International academy of architecture (Moscow department), four times winner of the award of a name of the architect Alexey Gutnov. Member of the union of architects of the Russian Federation, member of Non-profit partnership "Merging of developers of town-planning documentation". Professor of The Higher School of Urbanistics department of National research university "Higher School of Economics".

He is awarded by a distinction "For faultless service to the city of Moscow of the XXX years". Graduated from faculty of town planning of the Moscow architectural institute in 1978. Since 1976 works at institute, since 1989 — as the head of a workshop.

The author of more than 30 scientific publications, more than 80 scientific, methodical and project works in the sphere of development of functional, planning, architectural and spatial structure, system of the public centers, the production territories, the residential environment and complex improvement, territorial planning, town-planning zoning, the planning of the territory and monitoring of implementation of the Master plan of the city of Moscow.

Author of lecture rates "Development of the master plan: decision making on the basis of expert and analytical approach" and "The planning of the territory" of National research university "Higher School of Economics".

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