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Residential area "Ispanskiye kvartaly" became the finalist of the contest

Residential area "Ispanskiye kvartaly" became the finalist of the contest in the nomination "The best realized project of integrated development of the territory".

Vladimir Putin opened the park "Zariadye"

September 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin opened a unique landscape park "Zaryadye". According to preliminary estimates, it will be visited by 10 million people a year.

The Institute took part in the Experimental Laboratories of the MUF

From July 3 to July 6, four "Experimental laboratories" were organized at the Moscow Urban Forum 2017: "Future of Mobility", "Comfortable Housing of the Future", "Quality of the Urban Environment" and "Data Analysis and Visualization".

Formation of the transport carcass on the example of New Moscow

During of the seminar "Infrastructure Development of Cities - 2017", the chief engineer of the Institute of General Plan, Mikhail Krestmein, spoke about the formation of the transport carcass by the example of New Moscow.

International exhibition "ARKH Moskwa NEXT" was opened in Moscow

In the capital, the XXII International Exhibition of Architecture and Design, "ARCH Moskwa NEXT" began its work.

Krutitskaya embankment will be expanded towards Moscow River

According to the reconstruction project, in the narrowest areas, the 400-meter-long embankment will be expanded by the water area of ​​the Moscow River.

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