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Igor Bakhirev: Moscow metro hits records

Only in the last seven years in Moscow there were 24 new stations and almost 50 km of subway lines. However, the metropolitan subway still experiences considerable overload during peak hours.

Igor Bakhirev spoke about the prospects for the development of the Moscow Metro

In the museum complex "Bunker-42 on Taganka" there was a discussion "Moscow Metro: the eyes of architects and passengers." Great interest was caused by the report of the head of the scientific and project association "Transport and roads" of the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow Igor Bakhirev.

The head of Department "Historic Zones" Elena Solovyova gave an interview to the portal of Moscow city Architecture Board on "Moscow River" competitio

The first changes in the image of Moscow embankments within ended on New Year eve the international competition will be taken place this year. We asked Elena Solovyova, Head of Department "Historic Zones" of Genplan Institute of Moscow to comment on the significance of today's transformation of the river to the historical context of the city.

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