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Tatyana Guk

Director of the Institute

Tatiana Guk is a member of the Union of Moscow Architects. She was born in Orel, graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute.

She began her career in 1994 as part of the Personal creative workshop of Alexei Bavykin where she took part in designing single-family houses and public buildings.

From 2006 to 2011 Tatiana Guk was the Deputy Head and then the Head of territorial department of subordinate agency of Moscow Committee of Architecture and Urban Development. She was personally involved in the implementation of the program for improvement of yard territories and entrances of apartment buildings.

She has been working in the team of the architectural Committee since February 2011. By the mayor’s order in 2013 Tatiana Guk was appointed to the post of Deputy Chairman of Moscow Committee of Architecture and Urban Development. Under her personal leadership the work on the coordination of complex improvement, urban environment design, the formation of the architectural artistic appearance of the city of Moscow was organized.

Tatiana Guk has made a major contribution to amend legislation in the field of architectural activity, personally participate in preparing the law «On improvement of the city of Moscow» as well as in issuance of some Decrees of the Moscow Government during her work in the architectural Committee.

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