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Engineering support for the administrative and business centre (ABC) territory near Kommunarka village of Moscow's Novomoskovsky District

In 2013-2014, as part of the area planning documentation, proposals were made to provide the ABC territory with engineering resources and sanitation systems.

Based on the balance of engineering loads and the capacity of existing facilities, sources of engineering support were determined, proposals of zones for their possible placement were made, directions of main utility lines were identified.

The capacity of main engineering infrastructure constructions was defined taking into account the possibility of providing the territories neighbouring with the Novomoskovsky district.

The decisions made include:

  • reliability of the engineering infrastructure with minimal cost to its development;
  • increasing the eco-efficiency and safety on the basis of rational and environmentally responsible use of engineering resources.

The main activities and indicators for the development of engineering objects:

  • construction of a water regulating unit with a capacity of 40.0 th.m3;
  • construction of sewage treatment plants of domestic waste water drainages with a capacity of 60.0 th.m3/day;
  • construction of treatment facilities of surface drainage - 4 units;
  • construction of thermal power plants with a capacity of 200 MW/500 Gcal/h;
  • construction of an electrical substation
  • construction of main gas distribution station with the gas line of P = 1.2Mpa 2DN400 mm L = 4.0;
  • construction of the main utility lines from the utilities to the ABC territory


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