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Evaluation of the possibilities and conditions of relaying of the transmission networks in the "Volzhskaya" underground railway

"Evaluation of the possibilities and conditions of relaying of the transmission networks to reorganize the territory adjacent to the "Volzhskaya" underground railway station as part of the "Analysis of the existing use and urban layout of the transport interchange hub in the territory near the "Volzhskaya" underground railway station (South-East Administrative Okrug)"
Accommodating the projected objects at the "Volzhskaya" interchange hub will require a reconstruction of the main utilities and removal of the existing crossing points of overhead lines and cable lines and of the thermal camera from the built-up area.

Within the boundaries of the territory under consideration, there are major utilities passing through it:

  • high pressure gas pipeline DN= 700 mm, DN= 800 mm, and DN = 500 mm;
  • Cable-air (CA) 110 kV transmission lines "Chagino-Chukhlinka 1.2", "Dubrovsky-Karacharovo 1.2" and the cable transmission lines 220 kV "Chagino-Novo Kuz'minki (Tsimlyanskaya)";
  • transit pipeline from the heat and power station 22 DN=2x1200 mm-2x800 mm;
  • water conduits DN=2x1400 mm from Kuzminsky regulating unit;
  • water drainage network DN=400 mm.

For the reconstruction of utilities to provide their compact placement and free the areas for development, a technical area has been allocated in the eastern part of the territory under consideration, whose boundaries are defined in accordance with the current regulatory documents.

The cost of the construction and installation work for the reconstruction of engineering objects has been determined.

Performing this type of work gives a complete picture for evaluating the opportunities for investors and developers regarding the development of specific territories. 

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