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Project on the protection of the "Marfino" estate ensemble zones

Full name of work: The project on the protective zones of federal importance cultural heritage site – "Marfino"estate ensemble of XVIII-XIX centuries in the Marfino village of the Fedoskinskoye rural settlement of the Mytischinsky municipal district of the Moscow region

The "Marfino" estate ensemble of XVIII-XIX centuries  is a federal importance cultural heritage site, it has largely retained its integrity. The estate complex has absorbed the basic elements of planning of the XVII-XIX centuries and was further developed in the middle of the XIX century becoming a prominent palace and park ensemble of the Romantic era. The degree of preservation of the main elements of the "Marfino" estate is high; the regular XVIII century park has been completely preserved, the "Krucha" landscape park, the cascade of ponds on the Ucha river and on the nameless creek, the front yard, the level space, the entrance larch, pine and oak alleys, the lime tree avenue leading to the stable yard. Part of the estate was developed into recreation facilities - a park complex, "Marfino" resort and the Military Clinical Sanatorium.

Проект зон охраны объекта культурного наследия федерального значения – ансамбля усадьбы “Марфино”

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