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Experts in Moscow and Moscow region discussed transport issues

The event brought together leading experts in the real estate market, urban planners, as well as representatives of the state authorities to discuss urgent topics of infrastructure development in the Moscow region territories, bordering the capital.

The subjects of discussion were the issues of the development of road and transport infrastructure. The experts concluded that under current conditions, development of road and transport infrastructure, as well as engineering services in the border areas must be carried out exclusively together. Moreover, it is necessary that the three parties are involved in this process: Moscow, Moscow region and business representatives. However, for the tandem to work flawlessly, it is important to establish the relationship beforehand, without which, unfortunately, the border areas existing on paper can sometimes turn into real obstacles in the formation of favourable living conditions and economic activity of the population.

Genplan Institute of Moscow is acting as the expert partner of the "Developer Environment" project. Natalia Ozhereleva, the Institute's chief engineer of the "Transport and Roads" Scientific and Design Association projects, pointed out in her speech: "The problem of interaction between Moscow and the region lies in the fact that we have different regulatory framework and no uniform requirements. However, a positive experience of cooperation between the two constituent entities undoubtedly exists. An example of this is the development of the Moscow transport hub, the program which was reviewed and approved by the urban planning board last year. Certainly, we have joint priority projects in the field of transport infrastructure, but the issue is that the implementation of these projects requires huge funds, which the region does not have. Therefore, here we simply can not do without the developers' help."

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