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The "Young architects in the modern development" contest

The Organizing Committee of the ProEstate International Investment Forum invites students of architectural departments and young professionals working in architectural offices, or those who have already created their own companies, to participate in the annual contest "Young architects in the modern development"!

The program and the conditions of the contest

The subject of the contest: "Organization of the modern public space in a residential complex.
 The Courtyard of the future."

The contestants are invited to submit projects for the landscaping of the courtyard of a modern residential complex. The contest's main objective is to restore in the courtyard area its almost forgotten function of the courtyard as a communication area and eliminate the positioning of the courtyard as a place for "spontaneous parking." In their works, the participants should avoid the banal set of "bench-sandbox-swing."
The task is to plan the interior space of the yard, and to provide an opportunity to spend their free time with comfort in a common territory for representatives of different social groups and ages: young children, teenagers, young people, pensioners, pet owners, and so on. It is imperative that the neighbouring zones were not opposing, but rather harmonious next to each other.

The announcement of the contest results and the awards ceremony will take place at the ProEstate-2014 forum which will be held on September 8-10 in Moscow.

The Genplan Institute of Moscow is a partner of the contest and the ProEstate-2014 forum.

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