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The personnel reserve at the Genplan Institute of Moscow has been replenished by the best profile students.

According to the final results of the work experience completed by students of the Genplan Institute of Moscow, the "promising personnel reserve" has been replenished by a team of students who won in the domestic architectural and town planning competition.

Recall that in May 2014, the first project of student internships for students of universities (MADI, MGSU-MISI, HSE, RANHiGS, MARSh architectural school, "Strelka" Institute, MIIT, MIIGAiK, Sholokhov MGGU) was launched. Students who have completed this qualification selection and have been admitted for work experience internship, listened to a series of lectures presented by the Institute's leading experts. In the next stage, the students were divided into three teams, each one of which became a party to the internal urban planning competition.

The subject of the competition was the concept of the renovation of the Moscow River embankment territory, bounded by the Paveletskaya and Danilov waterfront, Paveletskaya direction of the railway and the 1st Paveletsky passage.
The student "consortiums", consisting of a transporter, ecologist, economist, engineer, architect, and manager, had to develop a comprehensive proposal for the reorganization of the territory.

On August 15, the presentation of competition projects took place. The three teams came out before the jury-commission in turn in order to report on their projects.

The commission consisted of the leaders of the Institute: Acting Director Karima Nigmatulina, chief engineer Michael Krestmeyn, chief architect Andrew Gnezdilov, director of the Centre for Regional Studies Maxim Perov, and the leading industry experts of the Institute - Evegenia Gukhman, Olga Maraseva, Aleksei Diakov and Anton Dergachov.

After the presentations given by the three student teams, the Commission has discussed their projects. Each concept had its own unique approach - the first team concentrated on the architectural solution, the second one stood out by its academic urban planning approach, the third team who won, had completed the task most fully and deeply, and complemented their speech by the most meaningful presentation, and even by an architectural model of the bridge, which was proposed to be erected for communication among the banks of the Moscow river. The jury's decision to be in favour of a third team was also influenced by the use of the existing materials in the general plan of the capital for their urban planning solutions.

At the award ceremony, the committee members have gave their assessments to the works and gave their farewell speeches. All students were awarded diplomas of traineeship and gifts, and the winning team was awarded certificates of honour and acceptance into the Institute's personnel reserve.
As noted by Karima Nigmatulina, work experience internship has become an important and valuable experience and allowed each student to touch on such a difficult and complex process as urban planning, to feel the nuances and the interconnectedness of industries through the area renovation project, while the teamwork and the opportunity to meet new people, of course, will serve to strengthen their communication skills.

In 2015 and the subsequent years, the student work experience program will continue at the Institute.
We congratulate all the students on their successful completion of work experience internship and wish them professional growth!

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