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Moscow. A View from the River

On August 22, experts from the Genplan Institute of Moscow sailed along the Moscow River in order to conduct a visual analysis and to study the embankment areas. On this day, the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation, it has become highly symbolic that the ship had a Russian flag flying, to which the entire trip along the river from MKAD to MKAD was held.

The Inspection of coastal areas was conducted as part of the international competition on the concept of urban development of the territories adjacent to the Moscow River. Recall that the Institute is the organizer of the competition, and the collection of data will serve as the basis for a technical task for finalists, who will have to develop the concept.

The quays, shipping locks and ports, the architectural front and scenic dominants, historical and cultural sites, river boats, beaches and recreational areas, industrial zones, equipped and accessible coastline and the "green" framing of the river - all these and other aspects were considered by the Institute's industry experts.

The trip along the river took all day. The route ran from the arm of the Skhodnya river through Serebrianniy Bor, Karamyshevskiy lock, along the Shelepihinskaya waterfront, "West Port", centre of Moscow embankments, the "ZIL" industrial zone to "Yuzhnyi Port" and residential districts of the capital.

The photos from this trip are shared at our website. Certainly, the task on revitalization of embankments in a common urban planning key vein set by the Moscow Government is very urgent and requires a comprehensive and deep study, and the announcement of the contest (note: applications are accepted until September 12) will be the first step towards the implementation of this large-scale citywide task. 

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