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Russian Architectural Bureau “Sergey Skuratov Architects” Won the Tender

October 23 was held announcement of results International architectural competition for concept of the multifunctional complex development on the Sofiyskaya Embankment.

Open architectural competition was held in order to attract the world’s best office with experience in regeneration areas to meet the challenges: enter a new project into the surrounding historical buildings and monuments, to preserve the integrity of the area.

Of the 68 applications for participation in the final of the last six teams from the United States Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia and the Netherlands. October 22, 2015 the leaders of the finalist teams presented their projects to the jury. The winner was determined by a system of preferential voting members of the jury.

First place went to the project of the Architectural Bureau Sergey Skuratov, second and third place with the same number of votes were given to the bureau Steven Holl Architects (USA) and Miralles Tagliabue EMBT (Spain).

Chief architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov said that the opinions of the jury divided and been discussions. “On the one hand, it is an indicator of high-quality competition, on the other hand, we understand how there are different opinions on how this areashould be develop”, — he added.

“The detailed study of the work and the quality of all the finalists was very high. We saw interesting and even surprising ideas. And we have been extremely difficult to come to a decision, but the rating voting helped pick a winner — Office Sergey Skuratov. We are grateful to all the members of the jury, the organizers and the city for their active participation in the discussion and the competition”, — said General Director “Capital Group” Valentina Stanovova.

The terms of reference of the competition provided for the restrictions imposed by the legislation on cultural heritage, regulations buffer zone of the Kremlin, the requirements to comply with the unity with the surrounding historic buildings.

“The solution for this place — it is the key to solving problems for the entire island and its communications with the new urban life. The first idea of the project — the opening of the visual axis in the Water Tower, communications Lavrushensky Lane to the Moskva River. In our project, this axis is converted into a saturated safe public space for the whole city”, — Sergei Skuratov. The second fundamental principle — the nature and scale of the building:“Important at this point to show sensitivity to the surrounding historic monuments and spaces, observance of the regime development and regeneration”, — he added.

Also the task of the competition was included the creation of public spaces both in the quarter and in the adjacent Sofia Embankment. “The city as an environment to be publicly available — it is principled position.It must be permeable and accessible to all” — Sergei Kuznetsov.

According to Valentina Stanovova examination of the project could begin as early as 4 months, but the dates will be adjusted, as before entering the design phase will discuss and conclude a contract with the winner. Preliminary assessment of investment in the project is estimated at 25-30 billion rubles.

Source: Archcouncil of Moscow

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